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Having grown up in the west end (Toronto) and enjoying summers in Muskoka with his brother, Rob, the founder of RBA Projects Inc. and his parents for whom home renovations and construction were always part of their lives, Joe is well-versed in the construction industry. 


Joe studied languages at the University of Waterloo and completed a 4-year degree in French and German, followed five years later by his Master's in Education.  He pursued his dream to become a teacher and then a school principal in three school boards in both English and French-language schools of Ontario in Bracebridge, Ottawa and France and has managed schools with student populations ranging from 250 to 620 students and staff members of up to 75.  Joe’s experience, strong skill set and work ethic propelled his career into the executive level administration in a university system as well as corporate roles in operations.


Joe’s extremely strong organizational skills has helped the RBA Projects Inc. back office move to higher levels than could have been imagined.  Joe continues to be a leader and takes a proactive approach in improving upon systems and processes which inevitable adds tremendous value to our customers, trade partners, suppliers and employees experience with RBA.


As with his fellow RBA colleagues, Joe has always had a keen interest in construction and worked with RBA manage several projects over the last 10 years.


When not hard at work organizing RBA work flow, Joe loves to spend time at his cottage in Quebec skiing, boating and swimming.   Joe is an avid traveller and has travelled all over the world.

Joseph Allan

Administration / Bookkeeping

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